Like Tears in the Rain

Photography. Jane Elm
Model. Veronika Primorac at Elite London
Stylist. Holly Gorst
Make up. Ana Cruzalegui using Shiseido
Hair. Gary Lees using Hair By Sam McKnight & GHD

Baffin, Bleatery, Bowder, Daggle, Dreich, Drookit, Fiss, Greetie, Hagger, Hooring, Huther, Lum, Murr, Stoating, Pilsh, Pish-oot, Plowetery, Rav, Rus, Scotch mist, Scow, Smirr, Smizzle, Smuggy, Sump, Spitters.

A woman wearing a clear plastic rain hood. Her eyes look watery

Gloves. INES
Earings. Alighieri

Portrait of woman with slightly wavy hair. She is wearing a red leather glove and raising her hand in the air
Close portrait of a woman who has exaggerated tear drops drawn on her face

Dress. Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Earring. Trine Tuxen

Portrait of a woman wearing gold earrings. A hand from outside the frame is applying her eyelashes
Portrait of a woman wearing gold earrings. She rests her fingers on her temple. Her eyelashes are deliberately over exaggerated

Shirt. MSGM

Close up of a woman's face. She is wearing pinky-red eye shadow and has her hair worn backwards
A portrait of a woman wearing a metallic silver shirt
A side view of a woman's eye with pinky-red eye shadow

Blazer. Rejina Pyo
Ring. Alighieri

Portrait of a woman with her hair in a braid. She is wearing a gold ring on her index finger
Close up of a woman's face behind curly hair